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Striking A Route on the Road Less Traveled...

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Leaving a successful business has its risks. You step away from the inherent growth found in a functioning company; you abandon the assuredness of a cultivated client base; and you no longer have the office infrastructure that keeps various processes in motion. But there are times when stepping out on the road less traveled is worth it.

When we decided to start Lauer Wealth, we both knew it would be a lot of work. But the idea of building a family owned firm where we could maintain high standards through exceptional care and attentiveness, was irresistible.

Having our own business has given us the space to create individualized experiences for each person who comes through the door. This means flexible customer service, based on client needs. We are available for our clients at any time of day, and we willingly step into their life’s challenges to provide support. We respect that money is intimately involved in our day to day lives and we see it as part of our responsibility to know our clients on a day to day level. That way we are already there for them when times get hard.

It also means providing knowledgeable expertise to portfolio building. Between the two of us, we’ve spent over 45 years in the financial world. Having abandoned the corporate structure however, we are able to build investment portfolios without the restricting hand of a large corporate organization. We have no cookie cutter portfolio. We look at our clients’ goals and tolerance for risk and utilize the latest academic research to meet those needs.

From a personal perspective, it is incredibly fulfilling to see the seeds of a great firm being sewn. Knowing our family will continue to nurture this firm for many generations to come, in a community we’ve been a part of for many generations back, is an exciting and motivating prospect. We are thrilled to see where this new chapter takes us as a family and as a business.

If you are making a change like this, give us a call sometime. We’d love to help you make that plan!

John Lauer,
John & Johnny Lauer - Partners at Lauer Wealth

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