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Our Services at Lauer Wealth

Tax Planning

One of the largest expenses a household will incur is paying taxes. With this in mind, it is a priority to minimize the amount of taxes you pay, whether you are in retirement or running a business. In addition, we do our best to help our clients avoid surprises in tax season and use tax efficient planning strategies. To do this, we perform annual income reviews, tax projections, and implement tax loss harvesting when needed.

Investment Management

With a combined 70 years of investment management experience, we strictly follow our core belief system which is founded upon academic-based investment theories and principles. With clear communication and a disciplined approach, we position our clients to weather ever-changing market environments. In addition to using modern portfolio theory, we have the ability to customize investment portfolios using a variety of securities, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. We also specialize in downside protection using hedging strategies to mitigate market risk. Asset allocation is actively monitored by our trading and reporting systems where portfolios are rebalanced as needed.  

Retirement Planning

Whether you are beginning your career or entering retirement, we help our clients identify their retirement income needs. We build our investment portfolios to align with our clients' risk tolerance and income requirements. We aim to grow and protect assets to minimize the risk of clients outliving their resources. 

Estate Planning

An aspect of our lives that is often overlooked is estate planning. With proper planning in place, we help our clients avoid the high costs associated with probating an estate. To accomplish this, we confirm with our clients how they would like their assets to be transferred upon death and determine the most cost effective methods for accomplishing their goals.

Business Planning

With experienced entrepreneurs at our firm, we understand what it takes to grow and manage your business. Often times, cash flow management can be the most difficult aspect of entrepreneurship. With this in mind, we proactively work with business owners to plan their future cash flow needs. Ultimately, our goal is to help business owners reach their goal, whether it is selling the business to key employees, passing the business to the next generation, or seeking a third-party buyout. We offer valuation services for small business owners and assist in preparing your business to sell.

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